Agenebode Mission

St Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney Catholic Chapel

A Brief History Of St Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney Catholic Chapel

In 2016 three young men having discovered the faith by the instrumentality of a young devout Novus Ordo seminarian who worked in that district for some couple of months, thought it right that the novus ordo church was not a place, where one could receive valid sacraments and fulfill the precepts of the church, especially that of going to church on Sundays and holy days of obligation, On account of these reasons, these three young men deemed it fit to look for well trained valid traditional Catholic priests who could administer to them valid sacraments.

On their quest for these priests, they stumbled upon many traditional groups and traditional Catholics on the internet , i.e. on Facebook, Who were of great help to the realization of getting a good well trained and uncompromising Catholic priest. This plan and good resolution was actualized after much prayer and diligent research by the finding of Reverend father Nkamuke Bede Okechukwu. The finding of Rev. Fr. Nkamuke Bede brought great enlightenment and joy to the minds of these young men who were thirsting for the refreshing water of life that is the true Catholic Faith and Sacrament, just as the Psalmist says, “For you my soul is thirsting O Lord, my God. (Psalm 62).

According to the design of Providence, on October 24th 2016, (the Feast of Saint Raphael the Archangel), these young men first witnessed the beauty, excellence and grandeur of the sacred Catholic Mass. As soon as they witnessed the Mass, their love for the sacred truth of the Catholic faith was deepened and strengthened.

To the Greater Glory of God, This mission (St John-Vianney) has witnessed a great increase in the number of faithful Catholics who have also seen the level of the decadence of Catholic truth and teachings in the Novus Ordo Church. The mission at present is located in a rented apartment.

St. John Mary-Vianney. Pray for us


Ugabi Street, Ewea Quarters, opposite Colonel Unokhua’s compound.
Agenebode, Etsako East, Edo State.


Reverend Father Nkamuke Bede (+234 08165672764)
Reverend Father Ojeka Thomas (+234 07049047920)
Reverend Father Okerulu John (+234 07064809668)


+234 8165672764
+234 9132793973
+234 8125064044


From Jattu junction Auchi (by motor):
At the motor park, take a vehicle going to Agenebode (Bode). Ask the driver to stop you in front of Microfinance Bank. Next, cross the road. Then take the street (Ugabi Street) beside Microfinance Bank. Keep walking on this street until you reach a third building by your left. (The building is fenced with a red roof and has a black gate).

From Upland Roundabout (by a motorcycle):
At the Roundabout take a motorcycle and tell the bike man to take you to Ugabi Street opposite Colonel Unokhua’s compound. It is the fenced building directly opposite.


Sunday: Mass or prayers in the absence of a Priest 10am.

Rosary: Daily.

Friday: Sacred Heart Devotion 4pm