About Fr. Ojeka

Rev. Fr. Thomas T. Joseph Ayakana OJEKA was born on October 24th 1988 and received infant baptism about a month later; and received Novus ordo first unholy communion in 2000, andnon-Confirmation in 2001. He was born and bred in Alifokpa -Yache in Yala Local Government Area of Cross River State, South-South geopolitical zone of Nigeria. He had one sister; born when he was 14-going-15; but lost her a few months later. So in-fact: he is an only child of subsistence farming parents.

He attended St. Francis primary school, Alifokpa, and did his Junior Secondary education in Yache Community Secondary, Alifokpa. He had his Senior Secondary education in Federal Science College, Ogoja, where he graduated in 2006, but sat again for WASSCE 2007, in St. Patrick’s Technical College, Ugep, CRS.
In September of 2008, he was admitted as an Aspirant into the “Congregation of the Servants of Charity”. As a temporary professed member of this congregation, he earned a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy [B. Ph.] from “Don Bosco Institute of Philosophy, Ibadan, Nigeria” affiliated to the “Salesian Pontifical University, Rome” in 2014. During his first year as a student of theology [in the institution called SS. Peter and Paul Major Seminary, Bodija, Ibadan in Nigeria, affiliated to Urban Pontifical University Rome], his lecturers sang the praises of the glories of Vatican II too-much as it were, striking an odd note which left him wondering about the immutability and indefectibility of the Church. He made, what he calls the “treasured mistake” of looking things up concerning the sung glories of Vatican II Council. This mistake led him to discover modernism to be the spirit of Vatican II Council and it’s ‘aggiornamento’ in doctrines, disciplines and liturgy, making him to see in Sedevacantism the logical Catholic response to the Vatican II question, which though may lead to mystery, cannot lead to contradiction -using Fr. Cekada’s expression.
His journey to the priesthood began as a childhood dream! As a minor, his dream was this: “I wish to become a [Catholic] priest if it is the will of God”. It was as though [as he would later express it in a song] deep in his heart he began to hear a voice so serene, still and tender, clear and distinct beyond telling which kept saying “whom shall I send? Who shall go…?” He seemed to have answered “here am I Lord, I hear you call; yes I come to do your will, but I cannot let you lead the way, take my hand gracious Lord, lead me on. Take me, hold me, lead me on!” and as if the Lord said ‘go you also into my vineyard…’, he understood that to mean beginning the ‘minor seminary’. But due to financial constraint he could not go to what was known to him as the Diocesan minor seminary in Ogoja: it was as though his dream had come to an end!
Coming of age, trusting that “God will provide” he was resolute about making himself available for an opportunity for the discernment of priestly vocation. He found in the Founder of the Congregation of the Servants of Charity, a saintly Italian priest, an Apostle of Charity, the Servant of God, Don Luigi Guanella [who had personal dealings with Pope St Pius X]; a priestly model. Ordained priest on May 26, 1866 for the diocese of Como, Italy, his sole wish was to be a ‘fiery sword in the ministry’; ‘to pray and to suffer’; ‘to give bread and the Lord’: devoting all his gifts of grace and nature to the cause of the Cross.
Being led sweetly by Providence, through the Mother Mother of Divine Providence, to be healed of his previous total blindness concerning Vatican II and its impostor hybrid-ecumenical-pan church/religion; and, given to see clearly how his inspiring ideal is totally compromised, he resolved to flee the modernist establishment, content with being known as a lay faithful Catholic than to be a lay-robed modernist puppet thinking himself a Catholic priest. And, strengthened to put his resolve into action, fleeing he fled,totally, with no scruples, on the 1st of August, 2017 -having completed nine years; even though the majority thought him, [and they still do] deluded and a sore disappointment…
Providence ordering all things mercifully and sweetly, he began (again) his seminary training under Fr. Nkamuke from September of 2017 as a student of Sedes Sapientiae Seminary, then in Lagos. By Fr. Nkamuke’s recommendation, and Bp. Dolan’s approval, he was admitted to Most Holy Trinity Seminary, then Brooksville, FL, US in September of 2018; and eventually continued again as student of Sedes Sapiantiae Seminary from June of 2021 while residing in Saint Getrude the Great Catholic Church, West Chester, Ohio, USA. In sync with the provisions of the Canon Law and the Liturgical Law of Holy Mother Church, he responded to the call to ascend the Seven Steps unto the Altar of God beginning with the reception of Clerical Tonsure on July 24th, 2019, the last step, ordination to the priesthood, being on the 11th of May, 2022, in Saint Getrude the Great Catholic Church, West Chester, Ohio, USA, by His Excellency, Most Rev. Rodrigo Da Silva.